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A group of dynamic and successful web entrepreneurs founded Website Design Solutions in July 2007 in Orange County, California. We now have a global reach but our core values of providing every one of our clients with the best services, remains unchanged. Our excellence in providing a comprehensive mix of exemplary services and innovative value-added web solutions, gave us a place in the academic textbook Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures (3rd edition).

In our portfolio are services that have been provided to nationally recognized institutions such as: The University of Southern California, Carl’s Jr, Chapman University as well as small-scale clients like restaurants, doctors and lawyers. We operate on a very clear and simple philosophy- design with passion and continually delight and surprise our clients. We do this ceaselessly and tirelessly and our enthusiasm towards understanding your business and identifying what works for you is unflagging.
We are well-grounded and never cut corners. We use technology with passion to create websites that speak and ones that provide our clients with tangible results. Despite our global presence we have remained true to our Orange County origins. SEO, marketing material, printing services and logo designing, we do it all. We offer web hosting services, content creation and online data backup. We are singularly driven to provide you with prismatic website designing and allied services.

What We Can Offer

Website Design

We create websites with a great deal of insight and our work is outstanding in its performance, creativity and usability. Every one of our website designs are interwoven with business integration, they are business-critical and we provide comprehensive services like website design & development,

Graphic Design

Building tactical websites is the foundation of an online presence. We add to it the impressive finial of expert graphic design. The layouts will be stunning, the colors just right and the fonts arresting. After all, graphics are meant to magnetize the viewer and complement the content, and that is what our graphic designing team does for every one of our clients.

Mobile Development

We love everything about mobile web, and design your website interfaces, with your audience and current trends in view. Our responsive and adaptive web design will speak to your customers, where relevant and required because what is unconventional today will be the norm tomorrow.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating a captivating website is essential and making it simple, crisp and clean is basic. But lighting the path to your site is about incorporating appropriate SEO strategies. We create plans that will add muscle to your company’s online presence and credibility. We arm it right with social media, blogs, email campaigns, PPC and analytics and leave nothing to chance when it comes to Google rankings.


We have very dynamic, malleable and consistent Ecommerce optimization services. We help clients with collection and analysis of data, support that with qualitative data and create invaluable insights that help us, help you move from strength to strength. For us, every project is an adventure- one that we navigate with equal amounts of vigor and vim, passion and aggression, creativity and innovation and provide you with solutions that will add that spark to your online presence and marketing efforts. Like we said, we leave nothing to chance.

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High quality delivery, impeccable work ethics and unbound creativity are the core premises of our work. But our quotes will never make you flinch. Pan our portfolio and understand the scope of our work. If you like what you see, call us on (800) 987 – 7307 or drop us an Email.

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Happy Client Say's

- Emeline M.
Los Alamitos, CA

We hired Website Design Solutions to design our website for our race and they did an amazing job. Not only are they friendly and easy to work with, they are creative, patient, and completely reasonable. It was a breath of fresh air to find this company and experience such great customer service. Their design is amazing as they truly customize to what you are looking for. We recommend them to everyone! Check out our site (and sign up for our race!) http://www.raceonthebase.com

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